Twins with vibes don’t go back in entertaining their fans. They like dancing and always put up great performance online to make their fans happy.

They are endowed beautifully by nature. Their wide hips are inviting and their eyes charming.

The duo whine their waits swiftly to the beat playing in the background of the video. They seem to be happy souls who are always eager to spread love and happiness around.

They unleashed their dance moves which started trending among young ladies around.

Some of their male fans reveal in the comment section that they like their vibes and are moved by what they see.

Some of the Netizens comments are:

“Every time when they come around you look at her bad boy bum bum bum bum every time when she come around every time when she come around you be looking at a bum bum bum bum bum bum every time you come around you’ll be looking at a bum bum bum bum she general general ladies and general she a general general this ladies are generals generals”

“Children miraculously brings out the beauty in some ladies!!!!!! So much positive difference from back in the days”

“How long Una wan dey do this…. Make una go do something. In the next years more beautiful girls will come up”

Watch them below:


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