EPL: Alan Shearer criticises the Man Utd tandem, saying “something is really wrong.”


Newcastle legend, Alan Shearer has slammed Manchester United duo Antony and Alejandro Garnacho while highlighting stat that shows something is ‘drastically wrong’.

Shearer spoke following Manchester United’s 2-0 defeat against West Ham United over the weekend at the London Stadium.

“Really embarrassing from a United point of view – 18 goals this season,” Shearer told Match of the Day.

“They have got to get more people into the box. Poor passes, wrong options, not creating any chances at all.”

Commenting on the stats of Antony and Garnacho, Shearer added, “That should be happening per game, not over five or six games!

“We can see what is drastically wrong, and they [Antony Garnacho] are never going to score goals unless they improve on that.”

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