Explanations on how Teletubbies helps in the intellectual development of infants.

Explanations on how Teletubbies helps in the intellectual development of infants.

The Teletubbies proggramme is an interesting piece of art for the kids. From the episode I watched on youtube, I came for realise that the Teletubbies programme helps infants in their speech development and word pronounciations because the proggramme was more about pronounciations of two words which is very easy for

the infants to imitate the pronounciations.


Again, it helps infancies build their cognitives about what’s happening around them. They build their

Cognition to know when their loved ones are not around them, they recognize affection and friendship; also Solitude.


Teletubbies also helps infants build their

numbering skills. According to the episode I watched, the kids were four, one went away, the remaining 3 kids noticed that one of them were not there anymore; when another one went hiding, the other two recognized there were two of them.



It helps the infants develop their intellectual curiosity. In the episode, one infant was walking when he discovered a

puddle; he stopped to puzzle about what that could be. As others joined him, they had to deep their legs into the puddle to experiment what it was and what will happen.


In conclusion, it helps infants gain an insight into non-verbal communication. They infants through watching Teletubbies will begin to understand how someone is feeling without them saying it.


An example is the smiling happy baby sun in the proggramme; the children tend to

respond when it appears on screen.


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