Endrick, Future Real Madrid starboy talks about his girlfriend, his love for drinks


Endrick, Future Real Madrid starboy talks about his girlfriend, his love for drinks

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Endrick, the 17-year-old striker who signed for Real Madrid in December 2022 when he was 16 and who will join Los Blancos in July 2024, has been keen to talk about his personal life in an interview with a YouTube channel in Brazil.

There is a great deal of excitement about what Endrick can bring to Real Madrid. He will undoubtedly get compared to Barcelona’s latest Brazilian youngster, Vitor Roque.

One of the topics that Endrick discussed was alcohol.

“I don’t want to drink because unfortunately, with the things I’ve experienced in my family, I know that alcohol is not for me. Going out to buy clothes is. My parents control me if I spend too much, especially on video games,” the Palmeiras player explained on CazeTV.

In September 2013 Endrick already explained on TNT Sports Brazil that “to be honest… I hate nightclubs, I hate partying, I prefer going out to the restaurant with my family. I don’t even like to know what I earn, how much I’m going to earn, or the years of the contract… I just want to play football. I just want to play football.”

Endrick: Now my girlfriend drives for me, she has a Golf GTI

The striker from Taguatinga shared the dream he wants to fulfil when he comes of age: “When I turn 18 I want to drive. The first thing I want to do is to have my own car.

“Now my girlfriend drives for me. She has a Golf GTI that accelerates quickly,” Endrick said of his girlfriend, popular model Gabriely Miranda (20).

Endrick also talked about how much he is compared to Pele: “I want to be Endrick and I don’t care what people talk about. There are things that happen and there are people who talk and say, he is the new Pele, the new Ronaldo…. I want to be Endrick and for me what they talk about doesn’t matter to me”.

“Now I have a big responsibility, I’m going to put up with the pressure because I know I can help my family and I also want to encourage other youngsters,” he said.

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